News: iCOMBAT Madison - April Laser Tag Player of the Month

Posted 8 months ago

At iCOMBAT Madison we’re proud to have some the most skilled and loyal laser tag players in the tactical laser tag game. Week in and week out our laser tag leaderboards are stacked with players that rack in some serious kill counts.

As a thank you and a chance to celebrate those victories, we’re highlighting one player from each of our laser tag locations, every month as our iCOMBAT Tactical Laser Tag Players of the Month!

Let’s meet our iCOMBAT Madison April Player of the Month:

Username: Bark


87 - Color Service Star


Kills: 14,462

Headshots: 16,751

Win Percentile: 53.50%

Q: How did you choose your username?

A: My original name was “Barkelga”, however, no one could pronounce it in ICE so I shortened it to Bark.

Q: Any tips for newer tactical laser tag players at iCOMBAT Madison?

A: Listen to the vets and come through the middle, then go out the sides on iCOMBAT Madison’s laser tag fields.

Q: What keeps you coming back to play more laser tag at iCOMBAT Madison?

A: My favorite moment was bringing my (now!) fiance here for our first date. Ever since then she’s been addicted to iCOMBAT. Her name is Lady Phantom.

Congratulations to Bark for not being iCOMBAT Madison’s Player of the Month but finding love on the laser tag battlefield!

We hope to see you both back into play on our laser tag battlefields soon. The couple that plays laser tag together, stays together.

Will you be iCOMBAT Madison’s next laser tag Player of the Month? Stay tuned and be sure to check out who made the cut over at iCOMBAT Waukesha now!